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The Top 4 Best Wood For Pool Cue & Pool Cues In 2023

A game of pool, also known as Billiards, is always better when played with company. Any game or work is better played, when its dynamic is understood, and the very core of the game, is easily identifiable.

For a game of pool, that core would be the cue, that is used to hit the balls. On a basic level, these cues that are used for playing, are mostly made up of wood.

Wood being the element, that puts the game together, is something, that every pool player should be aware of. It is quite easy to brush off the topic with a simple, “wood is wood, and will have little to no effect on the game”. This statement however, is far from the truth.

When we talk about the cue sticks, they are made up of a variety of sticks. Different types of woods are used for the same.

In this article we will uncover, what wood is the best for the purpose of playing, by ranking them from what works the best, to what will give justifying, but not top-quality results.

Top 4 Best Wood Pool Cue Reviews

  1. Tai ba cues 2-Piece Pool cue Stick
  2. CUESOUL 57 inch Maple Pool Cue
  3. Professional Pool Cue Stick
  4. Insun ASH Hardwood Snooker Cue

Tai Ba Cues 2-Piece Pool Cue Stick

Tai ba cues 2-Piece Pool cue Stick

A pool cue, however simple of a stick, is not as simple of an object as a whole. It is made up of different parts that are essential in putting it together.

At top of the list, we have the type of wood it is made up of. Quite frequently, while buying or knowing about a cue, it is seen that most of them are made up of maple.

Maple is a type of wood that is not only sturdy in nature, but also provides the type of agility and flexibility, that one requires in a game of pool.

This cue stick comes in parts of 2, in order to make it easier to handle and travel with. The Canadian maple that is used, is top class wood. The design is an exceptionally laid out pattern, and the stick has been made with precision.

Its sides are smooth and the stick in itself, is strong. This quality helps you to channel your energy behind a shot, in a way that it gives you great projectile and aim.

Features of the product

  • Use of imitation leather grip for sustainability and a better grip.
  • High quality Canadian maple used in the making.
  • 9 layers of varnish to give the stick, its signature look.
  • Brass joints for easy assembling.

Specifications of the product

Product Dimensions – ‎32.25 x 3.25 x 3 inches

Item weight – 1.27 kilograms

Brand – Tal Ba Cues

Size – 20 ounces

What we like about the product

  1. The design is chic and eye catchy.
  2. The cue has been made keeping in mind every detail.
  3. The joints are rust resistant and the cue comes along with a whole kit.

What we dislike about the product

  1. The build might not be upto par with everyone’s preference.

CUESOUL 57-inch Maple Pool Cue

CUESOUL 57 inch Maple Pool Cue

As discussed before, maple wood is the best type of wood that can be used in the making of a pool cue. This CUESOUL cue is not only made by a big brand, but the promise of quality also lies in the material used for making it, maple.

This cue is a competitive quality cue. When playing pool, things might seldom get rough in competitiveness. This cue is the one that can endure all that with ease.

Stainless steel joints to keep it intact. The design of the cue is one of such, that it provides great weight and balance to the player. It’s neither too heavy, nor too light. Just the right size to aim correctly.

The design, is one aspect of it that catches the eye at first look. The design is a modern sleek one that is pleasant to look at, other than its practical uses.

Features of the product

  • Pearl painted finish with a eye catchy design on the butt.
  • Leather layered pool tips for better hold on the ball, and aim.
  • Made up of top class North American maple wood.
  • Comes as a whole kit.

Specifications of the product

Product Dimensions – ‎31 x 1 x 1 inches

Item weight – 0.91 kilograms


Size – 12 ounces

What we like about the product

  1. The pearl paint finish gives it a good glossy look.
  2. North American maple wood is an optimum wood for making a pool cue.
  3. The joints are rustproof and thus won’t decay easily.

What we dislike about the product

  1. The wrapping might fall off.

Professional Pool Cue Stick

Professional Pool Cue Stick

Ashwood is another type of wood that we take into consideration while buying a pool cue. Ranked up there with maple, the cues made of this wood show great promise and resilience.

The cue comes with a vacuum interface that is precisely polished and put together, to give the cue its projectile strength and the bendibility to be held at any angle that is comfortable to the player.

The handle of the cue is made in such a way that it provides a good grip, which is essentially the most important element.

A good grip means a good hold on the cue, and therefore on the ball. This feature makes scoring a pocket easier and more efficient.

Features of the product

  • The design is minimal but classy.
  • The cue comes with a high transmission force. Therefore, the force put behind hitting the ball will not lead it into an unsteady direction.
  • Multi-layer protection with a polished surface.
  • Vaccum interface included.

Specifications of the product

Product Dimensions – 145 cm / 57 inches

Item weight – 2.2 pounds

Brand – CFDZCP

Made in – China

What we like about the product

  1. The vaccum interface of the cue is what helps with its aim and protection of its joints.
  2. Is a great choice for beginner players, but works for advanced players alike.
  3. Professional laminated soft cue tip.

What we dislike about the product

  1. The colour may be different in real life than shown in the descriptive image.

Insun ASH Hardwood Snooker Cue

Insun ASH Hardwood Snooker Cue

Another example of the excellent quality that the cues made out of Ashwood offer; the Insun Ash hardwood snooker cue is the one where quality meets style.

Along with its sleek black design, the cue comes with stainless steel joints that make not only the maintenance and care easier, as they will not rust, but the joints also make up for a cue that is easier to work and score with.

This cue is one of professional quality. There aren’t a lot of these that made in consideration and accordance to a player’s comfort.

While this cue is an excellent choice for any player, it has been specifically designed for players that are under, or equal to 5’9 feet in height.

Features of the product

  • Sleek black, trendy design.
  • Stainless steel joints that help with the cues overall maintenance and working.
  • One of a kind, made keeping in mind short as well as tall players.
  • Professional quality pool cue.

Specifications of the product

Product Dimensions – (145cm),19oz.

Material – Wood composite

Brand – Insun

Colour – ‎ASH SD20 Set

What we like about the product

  1. The way it has been custom made for players under 5’9 in height.
  2. Professional quality and thus, assurance that comes with the cue.
  3. It comes with a cue case for protection.

What we don’t like about the product

  1. The product might be damaged, check accordingly.

Best wood for pool cue

What is Maple wood?

A wood that unlike any other can be described as both hard and soft. Due to its texture and application. The infamous maple wood comes from the Deciduous maples, that are found as about 200 different species in the regions of Eurasia and North America.

What is Ash wood?

Ash wood is a type of hardwood, that is found on the east coast and parts of Canada. It’s pattern and design are what make it attractive. Ashwood is also known to be amongst one of the strongest, and most durable woods. Thus, its frequent application in making furniture.

Factors to keep in mind, while choosing the type of wood and cue.

  • Be certain of the type of product you’re looking for. Uncertainty may lead to confusion and thus, you might end up with a product you do not need.
  • Be aware and learn about the factors attributed to each type of wood that is used. That will help you determine what it is that you are looking for in a cue stick.
  • Go with a product with sturdy joints. That is what will keep the cue stick together and upright.
  • Always check the customer reviews and recommendations before buying. They can go a long way in setting things into perspective.
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The power to operate a cue perfectly remains in the hands of the players. But still, quality is a thing of choice.

These two are regarded as the “Best Wood for Pool Cues”. While wood is an essential element, it is not the most important.

Any product is made by taking into consideration various factors, and the assemblance of various parts. Same is the process with a pool cue. So, find the right fit for yourself and start playing.


What is the best cue made out of Maple wood?

Tai ba cues 2-Piece Pool cue Stick is the best wood pool cue.

What is the best cue made out of Ash wood?

Professional Pool cue Stick is the best ash wood pool cue

Are joints an important part of the cue?

Yes, for the projection of force and for angling, the joints are very important.

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