How do I identify my old Brunswick pool table?

How Do I Identify My Old Brunswick Pool Table?

Brunswick pool tables are some of the most popular on the market, and many people have one in their homes. If you’re lucky enough to have an old Brunswick pool table, it’s important to know how to identify it so that you can give it the right care.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the different ways to identify a Brunswick pool table and explain what value does old pool table have. So, if you have an old Brunswick pool table or are thinking about purchasing one, keep reading!

How Can I Tell How Old My Pool Table Is?

This can be done by looking at the print date on the frame and measuring how old it is. If you are not sure that your table is authentic, then you may want to get in touch with a professional pool table repair expert.

They will assess the condition of your table and give you an idea of how old it is. You can also take pictures or videos of your table so they can see exactly what kind of features it has.

On top of this, you may also want to look for identifying marks or stamps on the inside or outside of your pool table to determine its age more accurately.

One thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out how old your pool table is that there have been changes in design and materials used over the years.

This means that an old pool table may not be as sturdy and durable as a newer one, which could affect its overall condition.

With this in mind, it is important to assess your pool table’s overall condition so you can determine what kind of repairs will need to be done, if any at all.

When Was the First Brunswick Pool Table Made?

The first Brunswick pool table was made in 1845. It was a simple, wooden table that was designed for the game of billiards.

The company has been making pool tables for over 170 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Brunswick has a long history of innovation and craftsmanship, and their tables are known for their durability and quality.

Today, Brunswick makes a wide range of pool tables that are suitable for any budget or style.

Whether you’re looking for a simple table to play at home or an elaborate model for your business, Brunswick has a table that will suit your needs.

Brunswick Pool Tables are some of the Finest in the World Invented in 1845 by John Brunswick, Brunswick pool tables have been handcrafted in America for over 170 years.

Today’s models combine old-world craftsmanship with modern technology to provide superior performance and durability.

How Do I Identify My Old Brunswick Pool Table?

One way to identify an old Brunswick pool table is by looking for the Brunswick logo. This logo can be found on the felt, on the rails, or on one of the legs. If you see this logo, it’s a good indication that you have an old Brunswick pool table.

Another way to tell if you have an old Brunswick pool table is by checking the serial number. The serial number can be found on the underside of the table, usually near one of the legs.

If you find a serial number that starts with “B,” this is another good indication that you have an old Brunswick pool table.

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Do Old Pool Tables Have Any Value?

Old pool tables can have a lot of value, depending on the make, model, and condition. Pool tables made by well-known brands like Brunswick or Olhausen can sell for several thousand dollars.

Older antique pool tables can be even more valuable. Tables in good condition that are made by less well-known brands can sell for a few hundred dollars.

Ultimately, the value of an old pool table depends on its individual features and history.

How Can You Tell if a Pool Table Is 1 or 3 Piece Slate?

To determine whether a pool table is made of one or three pieces of slate, you will need to look at the seams.

If there are three seams, then the table is made of three pieces of slate. If there is only one seam, then the table is made of one piece of slate.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to determine the age of your Brunswick pool table and whether it has any value. If you have an old Brunswick pool table that you would like to sell or donate, please get in touch with us.

We would be happy to help you assess its worth and find the best way to dispose of it. Thanks for reading!

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    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have a 1912 Brunswick pool table, 9′ with 3″ slate. I love it! What does the stamp on it mean??

    1. Thank you for your feedback 🙂 The brands have their respective markings highlighted on the table. They have either their stamp on it or marked on the table.

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