Best Pool Cue For Intermediate Player

10 Best Pool Cues For Intermediate Player: New and Durable

There are some, who consider sports to be a vigorous activity. A show of strength, agility and that of stamina. However, there are other types of ‘sports’ that require skill and tact, rather than the physical factor. Pool is one such game.

A pool game is played on a board like structure that is specifically, and structurally designed for the game. The game goes such that, the balls are placed on the top of the table, in a triangular like shape or structure.

Furthermore, there are six pockets spread out along its edges. The player uses a stick, keeping a certain technique and rules in mind to hit the balls and score points, by downing them into the said pockets.

The said article, focuses on those sticks. Also known as a ‘Cue’, these sticks are essentially a very important part of the game.

If one would like to excel in the sport or go anywhere further than casual playing, choosing the right cue, to build up your game is important. Below is the list of best pool cues for intermediate player.

Top 10 Best Pool Cue For Intermediate Player Reviews

  1. Pure X Pool Cue Stick
  2. Players D-DRG Pool Cue
  3. CUESOUL SOOCOO Maple Pool Cue
  4. Empire USA Set of 6 Pool Cues
  5. Set of 4 Billiard House Bar Pool Cues
  6. AB Earth Ergonomic Pool Cue
  7. CUESOUL Maple Pool Cue
  8. Pathline Pool Cue Stick
  9. BILIYARD Wooden Cue Sticks
  10. Viper Graphstrike Pool Cue

Our Best Pick

Budget Friendly

Overall Excellent

  • Lightweight

  • Slim and skinny design

  • Deflection is less

  • Good for intermediates

  • Innovative design

  • Handy

  • Solid cue stick

  • Affordable to use

  • Precise shaft

Pure X Pool Cue Stick: Reliable Pool Stick

Pure X Pool Cue Stick

The Pure X Pool Cue Sticks may look like a familiar, old fashioned reliable pool stick. One of those is not wrong. This is the best pool cue for intermediate player.

These cue sticks offer great reliability. However, the company aims to keep up to date with the latest technology and market game. They aim to bring out what is new and trending. Change, means improvement.

The Pure X cues are always a step ahead with a better, enhanced version every time. This cue in itself, offers a timeless look, is however equipped to keep you ahead in the game. The price may be a high, but the quality and performance makes up for it.


  • Low deflection technology cue.
  • High tech, light-weighing polymer material for the core.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Weight is adjustable.


Production dimensions – 31 × 3 × 1 inches

Item weight – 0.58 kilograms

Brand – Purex

Size – 11.75 mm

What we like?

  1. Lightweight and thus, easy to play with.
  2. Slim and skinny design, which is not easily available in the market.
  3. Easier to line up the shot, and aim as the deflection is less.

What we don’t?

  1. The classic design isn’t a favorite amongst many.

Players D-DRG Pool Cue: Perfect Cue For Intermediate Players

Players D-DRG Pool Cue

The ‘Players Artistic D-DRG graphic midnight black billiard’ with golden Chinese luck dragon design on the forearm and butt, supporting a stainless-steel joint collar and genuine black and white doub. This cue is made and polished with precision.

The perfect cue for intermediate players. At the beginning, people are seldom weary of making big investments. While this cue cannot be essentially called affordable, it is not on the high end, very expensive side either.

If you have more than a few dollars to make the purchase, this product is the perfect fit for you. Quality is assured, and this cue won’t leave your side until you decide to set it aside.


  • Offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Has a very high impact ferule.
  • Is a full-size cue.
  • Comes with the option of weight adjustment.


Product Dimensions – 29.5 × 2 × 1.5 inches

Item weight – 0.64 kilograms

Brand – Players

Size – 18 ounces

What we like?

  1. Good for intermediates or beginners.
  2. The design is new, innovative and catchy.
  3. The design is lightweight and handy.

What we don’t?

  1. The packaging can often be called low quality.

CUESOUL SOOCOO Maple Pool Cue: Comfortable Cue Stick


Even at an intermediate level, it is never too late to start preparing for official, or professional playing. This cue stick is the perfect type for that.

With its leather tip, it gives the right grip at the right time. It’s structure and material is the ideal type. Maple wood is known for its sturdiness and finish. This cue stick is a combination of both and gives optimum results.


  • Top quality Canadian maple wood.
  • Leather tip for better grip and aim.
  • Comes with a protector.
  • Maple wood is polished and gives a nice finish.


Product Dimensions – 32 x 2.6 x 2.2 inches

Item weight – 0.8 kilograms


Size – 11.5 mm

What we like?

  1. Solid cue stick, that comes with a shaping tool. It comes in handy if you need to round up the tip of the cue.
  2. The price is affordable, but no compromise in quality.
  3. Well balanced and precise shaft.

What we don’t?

  1.  Mentioned size is 11.5 mm, while it actually measures up to 12.

Empire USA Set of 6 Pool Cues: Best Affordable Pool Cue

Empire USA Set of 6 Pool Cues

This is a set of 6, good quality pool cue sticks. For such an affordable price, the product being offered is of top par quality. It comes with a glue on leather tip. That is what leaves the player with the option to choose, if they wish to put it on the stick, or not.

When just beginning to play pool, by practicing or by rare accidents even, it is common to end up with a damaged cue.

Expensive cues in that case will leave a big hole in your pockets. These cues are not only cost friendly, but also, you do not have to go on repurchasing, as you get a set of 6 such sticks.


  • 6 cue sticks in one order.
  • High quality 4 prong cues available.
  • Good quality wood butts as well as shafts.
  • 13 mm glue on leather tip.


Product Dimensions – ‎58.63 x 3.94 x 2.4 inches

Item weight – 3.63 kg

Brand – Empire USA

Colour – Tan

What we like?

  • Great for residential use and beginner playing.
  • Glue on leather tip.
  • High quality wood used.

What we don’t?

  • The cues are sometimes known to have a crooked pattern, and are not straight

Set of 4 Billiard House Bar Pool Cues: Best Pool Cue Set

Set of 4 Billiard House Bar Pool Cues

This product is a set of 4 pool cues. These cues are made keeping in mind the technique, and the very science behind playing pool. At a lower price, these cues combine quality and quantity and deliver the right product.

Beginner investments can be a hard thing to do. If you are not looking forward to spending a huge amount of money, and would like to play, this product is for you.


  • Recommended for residential use.
  • Has a leather tip.
  • Hardwood shaft, with shared weight management.
  • Beautiful decal but at an affordable price.


Product Dimensions – 31 × 7.5 × 1.5 inches

Item weight – 2.29 kilograms

Brand – Billiard Depot

Colour – SET 15~18

What we like?

  1. Affordable price.
  2. Good size variation.
  3. An easy-to-use product.

What we don’t?

  1. Appearance of warps on the cues after some time.

AB Earth Ergonomic Pool Cue: Perfect For All Levels

AB Earth Ergonomic Pool Cue

Combining beauty, and technique this cue is the perfect fit, for beginners and advanced players alike. A structured stick that aims to provide precision while playing and a glossy finish with a colour that mesmerizes.

Projectile aiming, and weight management are what make this cue the perfect fit for any cue player. It takes technique to play and master any game. No harm in doing that with beauty and fineness.


  • Designed for accurate shooting.
  • Eye catching colour and design.
  • Comes with a 13 mm leather tip.
  • Firm grip, easy to hold and aim.


Product Dimensions – 34 × 4 × 3.4 inches

Item weight – 1.4 kilograms

Brand – A B Earth

Colour – Blue

What we like?

  1. Beautiful design and eye catchy colour.
  2. Great projectile that helps with accurate aiming.
  3. Comes as a whole kit.

What we don’t?

  1. None

CUESOUL Maple Pool Cues: An Ideal Pool Cue

CUESOUL Maple Pool Cue

There are many things that make up an ideal pool cue. The sort of aim it provides, the projectile, the wood quality and the list goes on. But alike the previous product listed, a pool cue can possess all such great qualities and look quite dapper as well.

This pool cue alongside being an ideal playing stick, has a really cool looking skull design to it, that makes it a favorite amongst people.


  • Stainless steel joint, anti-corrosion.
  • High quality Canadian maple wood.
  • A genuine Irish linen wrap available.
  • Comes as a whole kit.


Product Dimensions – 32.01 × 2.52 × 2.52 inches

Item weight – 0.75 kilograms


Size – 19 oz

What we like?

  1. Eye catchy design.
  2. Custom Canadian maple wood used. Good quality ensured.
  3. Stainless steel joints, anti-corrosion and thus good quality.

What we don’t?

  1. Wrapping may fall apart after some time.

Pathline Pool Cue Stick: Eye-Catching Look

Pathline Pool Cue Stick

This cue comes with a clear description, “play pool like league players” and it couldn’t be truer.

The design of this cue is elegant, and the technique that has been put into making it is top par. This cue ensures quality at such an affordable price and may also be called a future investment, as it is good for both beginner and advanced playing alike.

The design is sophisticated and intricate. It is eye catching and gives off a very expensive look.


  • Elegant looking unisex pool stick.
  • Available in colour options. You can choose which colour you like.
  • Has a 13 mm soft leather, tip.
  • Comes with a wrap-less handle.


Product Dimensions – 32 × 2.5 × 1.5 inches

Item weight – 0.7 kilograms

Brand – Pathline

Colour – Choosable

What we like?

  1. The design is good and provides quality play.
  2. The colour can be chosen as per preference.
  3. Is good both quality and looks wise.

What we don’t?

  1. Some part of the cue wood is uncoated.

BILIYARD Wooden Cue Sticks: Set of 4 Cues

BILIYARD Wooden Cue Sticks

This is a set of 4 wooden Cue sticks for pool, that are quality and quantity wise, easy on the pocket, as well as is good for playing at an intermediate level.

A beginner in pool might not prefer a cue that is expensive, as at that level extensive practice is required and one might end up with damaged cue.

For such situations, this cue is the perfect fit, as it comes in a pack of 4 which if taken up for each cue individually, the price isn’t too high as well.


  • Pack of 4 cue sticks.
  • Affordable price.
  • Intermediate level playing cues.
  •  Good design at a low price.


Product Dimensions – 28.7 × 2.9 × 2.9 inches.

Item weight – 1.43 kilograms

Brand – Biliyard

What we like?

  1. Economical price, which means it is affordable.
  2. Good for practice.
  3. The design and working are both good.

What we don’t?

  1.  Can often be warped.

Viper Graphstrike Pool Cue: Perfect For Dashing Look

Viper Graphstrike Pool Cue

These cues are made with high quality fiberglass, as to eliminate the water absorption and protect the sticks from being warped.

One of its kind this graphite stick is the perfect fit for all players. It comes with anti-corrosion aluminium joints and a leather tip for better aiming, and holding the ball in place so that it is easier to score a pocket.

While there are plenty of wooden cues available in the market, this cue is one of a kind. It might not be the classic one, but with changes, this is the change in technology of cue making that is capable of making a huge impact.


  • Constructed from fiberglass.
  • Comes with a leather cue tip for precision.
  • Has a uniform and firm grip.
  • Perfect as a starter cue.


Product Dimensions – 30.3 × 2.5 × 1 inches

Item weight – 0.57 kilograms

Brand – Viper by GLD

Size – 58”

What we like?

  1. Made with high quality fiberglass.
  2. Is sustainable and affordable.
  3. New technology and a different type of cue. Perfect for beginners.

What we don’t?

  1. May lack the original precision of a wooden Cue.

What Is a Cue Stick and Where Is It Used?

A cue stick is, as the name suggests. A stick. It is used in a game call billiards or pool.

This stick is used to aim and to hit the balls that are set atop the billiards table. This game, is one of skill and technique. That technique comes from a cue. The way to hold it, the way to aim and the way to project a path through which, you can make the maximum score.

When we talk of Billiards as a game, its mention would be incomplete without the cue stick.

Billiards is a game not of strength or stamina but of tact, as mentioned above. The player had the power that they must bring forward through the cue stick.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Buying a Cue Stick

  • High quality or good quality wood is a must, when it comes to buying a Cue stick. A bad finishing wood may end up giving you splinters and if it is not sturdy, the cue might break even before you begin playing.
  • Size matters when it comes to these sticks. Every person has their own technique of playing. However, it is important to ensure that you buy a cue that sits comfortably with you.
  • These sticks usually come in parts of two, which are further joinable. Make sure that you buy a stick that comes with joints of high-quality metal, as if those corrode, the stick will be rendered useless.


There is no specifically right time to start playing. Choosing the right fit for you, and harbouring a zeal to play, is all the timing you need.

The above review lists all kinds of best pool cue for intermediate player that may be ideal for playing. It is just the question of how much you are willing to spend, and what you think is the right fit for you. So, make the right choice and begin your pool journey.

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Which is the best pool cue for intermediate player?

The Pure X Pool Cue Stick is the best pool cue for intermediate player.

Is the leather cue tip important?

Yes, it is an essential part of the cue stick as it is what ensures a good grip and thus, a good aim.

Can a fiberglass cue stick measure up to its wooden counterpart?

There is no comparison between the 2. It’s a question of choice and technique. The classic does have its advantages, but so does the new products.

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